Charity Printing

Charity Printing


We Don’t Start Printing Until You’re Satisfied

At PPrints, we are aware of the tremendous amount of power that customer incentivization holds when it comes to the point of supporting sales and aiming to promote necessary products. For a developing organization, there is no greater feeling than actually seeing your customers prove their loyalty by wearing your branding. This act of trust ensures brand association and helps spread positive word of mouth. All of this is achieved when your customers are indeed being provided with the clothes that they deserve and need. PPrints always strives to give a voice to the unheard and thereby provides an incredible amount of exposure and highlight to many brands who are deserving of this amenity.

Special Discount Of 10% For Charities

When you’re part of a charity team that’s doing a fun run to raise some money for people in need, it’s always good to represent your brand in fashionable T-Shirts and tracksuits to let everyone know that you truly take pride in what you’re trying to accomplish. At PPrints, our services are always focused on providing people with just the right clothing apparel they need for their charity and fundraising events. Not only are we well-renowned as a custom printing brand, but we are also respected and notorious for being the most steadfast charity helping companies in all of the UK. The reason we take pride in our services is that we believe in providing the most upmost, resounding quality prints to our customers while also making sure that it’s all being done at reasonable rates and through secure channels. That is the reason why we are offering a friendly discount of 10% on all of our standard screen-printing products exclusively for officially registered charity organizations.


Highly Customizable Printing Options


Throughout every step of the way you’re trying to design the perfect, most ideal T-Shirts for your charity project, we will be walking alongside you to make sure that there doesn’t befall even a particle of mishap or shortcoming in every single inch of your merchandise design.


We will also be giving you helpful tips and guides as to which approach would be best adaptable for your campaign depending upon the main idea behind your cause. For example, if you’re trying to raise money for an outdoor play area where your target audience is mainly kids and teenagers, why not aim for a pop-culture-centric approach and print comic book-themed designs featuring classic superheroes and their tales of overcoming impossible hurdles? This way you can make your fund-raising approach more engaging and in turn, reel in quick benefits by accomplishing your goals before the expected time.

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