Promotional On-Hold

Promotional On-Hold

At PPrints, we are aware of the tremendous amount of power that customer incentivization holds when it comes to the point of supporting sales and aiming to promote necessary products. For a developing organization, there is no greater feeling than actually seeing your customers prove their loyalty by wearing your branding. This act of trust ensures brand association and helps spread positive word of mouth. All of this is achieved when your customers are indeed being provided with the clothes that they deserve and need. PPrints always strives to give a voice to the unheard and thereby provides an incredible amount of exposure and highlight to many brands who are deserving of this amenity.


How useful is Promotional Wear?

Positive word of mouth

It’s always necessary to plan and strategize a futuristic awareness campaign that ensures both customer loyalty and the generation of beneficial revenue. That's why it is recommended to have a marketing specialist on board who can provide concrete statistical information on how to best move your business ahead.

Variety of Designing Options

At PPrints, we are always dedicated to developing a close and personal relationship with our customers to ensure that there is no gap in communication or understanding and that the total creative control lies in your hands. We have made sure to employ and instill only the best and most competent employees who welcome and comfort any service requestor to reap a productive result for their trust and finance being invested in our brand.

Incredible services of Range Management

Our first step to handle a service request is to make sure that the range given is properly judged and that it connects to both your brand image and the services you’re looking for. Our highly-skilled PPrints staff will not only manage your range but will also introduce to you the latest installments of high-class products that you can avail of. In the end, it’s only paramount to us that you’re getting the solutions you deserve without them being too heavy on your pocket.

So what are you waiting for?

Dial us now on the above-given number and we will quickly direct you to our team of competitive members ready to handle requests of any kind and deliver satisfying results. You can also get all of your queries and questions answered by our helpful customer support representative staff.



Developing Services

The “Learn More” section situated down below will inform you of the latest EMEA reports. This is where you can get a pretty clear idea about how our services have grown by 250% in the last 4 years and the massive range of customers that we’re currently serving.

Staff Representation

A well-designed and allocated staff uniform and wearable garb are necessary for creating a helpful extension for your brand and for you to develop a loyal and trustful workplace environment.

Marketing Merchandise

If you’re willing to offer fashionable and well-designed merchandise to your personnel for brand advertisement then there is a sure-shot guarantee for you of reaping profitable results.

Gifting Options

At PPrints, a wide range of personalized gifting options are also available that matches your requirement.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer a unique fulfillment service that ensures all your goods to be properly packaged, prepared, and deployed for dispatch in their designated time.

Brand Co-Operations

You will have the advantage of working directly with your Account Manager to reel in a lucrative and helpful solution from PPrints. See our Brand Partnership services to know how many incredible online services and marketing support you can utilize for stock allocation and online ordering.

Weaving and Embroidery Services

With PPrints, you have the convenience of availing state-of-the-art weaving and embroidery services with the help of our high-performing and results-delivering machines. Our main focus is always on delivering the highest quality product possible to our clients.

Screen Printing Services

It’s every trendsetting brand’s scope to provide excellent solutions aimed to reel in beneficial results. That’s why the Screen-Printing Administration service is available for bulk orders and huge plans.

Heat-Applied Prints

PPrints gives you both heat-pressed vinyl and transfer print options to satisfy your needs.


Our Years of Professional Experience and Good Record with Customer Services Sets Us Apart from The Rest. While you are shopping with PPrints, it’s good to know that you’re being provided with just the exceptional and standard-defying products at the most affordable rates.
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